Visa / Master Card

1. Credit card with Visa or Master Card

TOT Prepaid

TOT Prepaid

2. TOT Prepaid 14 digit PIN

Get TOT Prepaid 14 digit pin from the following shopping areafamily 7-11 justpay

Online shopping

Monthly Wi-Fi

3. Apply Monthly Wi-Fi package "Monthly Wi-Fi 250 baht"

Monthly TOT Wi-Fi Package User Manual (Thai)

Krung Thai ATM

4. Krung Thai ATM Process

TOT Boonterm

Boonterm Online Top-up

5. Shopping with Boonterm Online Top-up

Boonterm Online Top-up Purchase Instruction (Thai)


6. Shopping with mPAY (AIS customers only.) and mPAY Station

mPAY and mPAY Station Purchase Instruction (Thai)

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